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Gears and resources on the server


I am interesting in using OpenShift Origin PaaS as a part of my product but I am afraid about resources and performance of my servers. Is it true that maximum ram allocation for all gears cannot excess overall physical ram of the server? So if I have one server with 16Gb of free ram I can host only 32 512mb gears or 16 1024mb ones? 

What about cpu cores? Can I host more gears than I have cores on the server, if so is there any limit of how many gears can be  on quad core server?

I understand that one gear is dedicated to single user only, so two users with their applications cannot share the same gear for better resources usage?  Please correct me if I misunderstand something.

I would be grateful for your answers as I am quite new to PaaS concept and I can't find detail explanation of physical resources usage by gears in documentation. 

Marek Smigielski

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