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Re: RedHat devs introduction?

It's certainly possible (hopefully appropriate as well since I'll kick this off).  My name is Matt Hicks (twitter: @matthicksj / github: https://github.com/matthicksj).  I've been at Red Hat for a while now (6 years) and started with the OpenShift team at the very beginning.  I've been pretty excited about the PaaS space as I've spent years on both the development and operational sides of the house and think we have a lot of room for improvement in both camps.  My goal for OpenShift Origin is to do just that...

Thanks for being one of the first people to really start digging Nic!

(mhicks at redhat dot com)

On 05/01/2012 07:27 PM, Dr Nic Williams wrote:
Is it appropriate/possible to have an introduction from the RedHat devs who created OpenShift and who are continuing to work on OpenShift now as an open source project?


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