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Re: RedHat devs introduction?

Hi Nic, thanks for askin'

I'm Mark Lamourine.  I'm a system administrator by trade, though I've worked in QA and as a pure software developer.

I worked most on the node internals, user management and the SELinux and cgroups configuration.  I also did some of the cucumber test code.

Right now I'm working on the "How To Build Your Own" wiki document.

The group's grown so fast since I started (with I think 5 of us then) that I'm likely to learn as much as you from the responses.

- Mark

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 7:27 PM, Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams gmail com> wrote:
Is it appropriate/possible to have an introduction from the RedHat devs who created OpenShift and who are continuing to work on OpenShift now as an open source project?


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