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Re: Hosting & deploying OpenShift

I'm not an expert on BOSH, but I'll try and give somewhat of a breakdown to how we do similar things.  We have tried to avoid building new tooling where we could and use the existing ecosystem where possible.

First, I'll cover releases.  We depend heavily on RPM's for installation and dependency management and git for the code.  To weave the two together and control tagging, releasing, etc we use a project called tito - https://github.com/dgoodwin/tito.  Tito has provided a very elegant way to be able to provide a consistent process between git and RPM.  I can go into some more details about why we use RPM and just gems if you are interested too (I know that's not a common thing in the Ruby world).

For development, we do have some scripts that will sync a development repository to a machine and use tito to install the contents that we will have to open source.  It's a pretty simple process but we might as well open up what we have.

The concept of giving VM's jobs / roles is simply covered by which RPM's are installed on that VM.  OpenShift uses the concept of cartridges to encapsulate the functionality that a VM can provide.  For example, if you install the JBoss cartridge on a node, it will be able to service requests for JBoss applications.  You might install multiple cartridges or selectively install them.

Because we are very RPM centric and use standard configuration locations, we utilize puppet in production to pick what RPM's and config files get installed on the various VM's.

For monitoring we use nagios and collectd.

All that said, we didn't want to be too prescriptive about the tools that other people use to start.  Our goal has been to stay very standard with the installation and approach so that people could use CFEngine, Chef, or custom scripts to manage their infrastructure.  Having spent some time in the ops world, I realize there are a lot of different approaches that work there.

Hope this helps!


On 05/03/2012 11:32 AM, Dr Nic Williams wrote:
RedHatters, what tools/infrastructure are you using for your own hosting/deployment of hosted OpenShift?

As an example, the CloudFoundry team had to build BOSH in order to host & deploy their own CloudFoundry.com (and all their personal & staging versions).


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