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Re: How i can register my cartridge in rhc-ctl-app?

On May 26, 2012, at 1:58 PM, nicolas melendez wrote:

Hi there, i am close to finish the first hacky version of my cartridge 

i wonder how i can register it in rhc-ctl-app so i can do something like

rhc-ctl-app -a myapp -e add-mycartridge-.0.1

Hello Nicolas,

There is not yet a way to automatically register an arbitrary new cartridge so that it appears in the hosted service at <http://openshift.redhat.com/>.  Because a cartridge currently has nearly unfettered power inside a node and a container, it has to be well trusted, both by the operator of the PaaS, and also by each of the tenants.  Once you get your cartridge well polished, the Red Hat engineers that are responsible for the operating the hosted service can review your cartridge and incorporate it.

We don't yet have a formalized process for getting your cartridge merged with Origin and then merged with the hosted service, but it will be fun to help drive your cartage to be one of the first ones, thus helping to create that formal process.

Until then, it's not too difficult to run your cartridge in you *own* OpenShift Origin based PaaS system and nodes.

Placing your cartridge in /usr/libexec/stickshift/cartridges in your own running Origin node should be enough for the cart to show up in local rhc-ctl-app , as long as it was all built properly, and all the dependent RPMs and packages available on that OpenShift Origin node.

I'm working on hacking some cartridges together myself, so we can figure this all out together.

Mark Atwood
Open Source Advocate for Red Hat OpenShift Origin

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