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Re: Exclude broker as hosting gears

+++ Igor Laskovy [10/09/12 15:48 +0300]:
Thanks Brenton!

I used this guide for starting
http://www.krishnaraman.net/multi-node-openshift-origin-from-scratch/ .

Cool, that doc is still accurate.  We do also have
https://openshift.redhat.com/community/wiki/build-your-own but it is
by definition more involved.

Thanks for reply about removing packages.
But, if, for example, I have two districts, how I can attach/bind user apps
to one of them only. If this is not main purpose of district, than what the

I'm actually trying to figure that out myself.  If I come up with
something today I'll be sure to blog about it.

Igor Laskovy
Kiev, Ukraine
On Sep 10, 2012 3:33 PM, "Brenton Leanhardt" <bleanhar redhat com> wrote:

+++ Igor Laskovy [08/09/12 20:32 +0300]:

Hello from sunny Kiev!

How I can set multihost OpenShift Original to not use broker as host
I suppose that I need to use district somehow, but I can't understand
how to attach user/users domain/users gears to it?

To keep gears from landing on your broker just make sure you don't
have the rubygem-stickshift-node*, stickshift-mcollective-agent* or
any cartridges installed on your broker.

Just curious, what instructions did you follow to setup Origin?  I
know some of the instructions setup a broker+node on the same machine.

* the packages are being renamed in Fedora.  See


Awaiting any advice!

P.S. Sorry for cross posting to the dev and users lists. I am new to
openshift community and not sure which list best represent subject
like that.

I think this would be more appropriate for the users list but it
doesn't really matter right now.  Most of us are on both. :)

Igor Laskovy
Kiev, Ukraine

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