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Rename code / git repo to origin

I got the ball moving for the rename, and then I failed to follow up.  I
apologize for that.  But I think everything is in place for us to do the

There are three things that have to happen.  They can happen all at
once, or one at a time.  I would prefer one at a time, in quick succession.

1 - move the git repo from openshift/crankcase to openshift/origin

2 - move the code within the repo to appropriate renamed directories

3 - change the code to use the new names

Although I have them labeled 1,2,3 they do not have to be done in that
order.  That is just so we can talk about them easier.

(1) Move Git Repo to openshift/origin
>From discussions we've had it sounds like it would be best to a fork and
keep all of our history.

(2) Move the code to renamed directories
This discussion hasn't happened yet that I know of.
This is just a proposal to get the dicussion going

origin/build/ (no change)
origin/cartridges/ (no change)
origin/rel-eng/ (no change)
origin/auth/ mongo kerberos
origin/msg/ broker node
origin/dns/ bind
origin/common/ cartridge common controller broker node

(3) Change the code
A script has been written, and it looks good.  At this point it looks
like we just need to pick a day, do the change, and fix the few bugs
that this causes.
Let's pick a day.

Thoughts.  I'd like to get this done ASAP if we can.

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