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Re: Could you provide facility for testing SSH?

It's a good idea and would help setup of keys.  We talked about it a while back but there's no story - go ahead and create one (if you can't one of us will do so).

On Sep 25, 2012, at 3:03 AM, André Dietisheim <adietish redhat com> wrote:


at JBoss Tools it turned out that most troubles users had were SSH related (git operations, etc.). It looks like setting up keys is what is the least obvious to users.
Our wizard is creating the OpenShift application and cloning the git repo in a single operation (the user chooses the name, type and cartridges of his application, sets the git cloning settings and the wizard will then create the app and clone to his local machine). What's missing for us is a possibility to check if the user can connect by SSH. There's no application yet that the wizard could connect to in oder to verify the local SSH setup. We could do an approximative check by verifying if the local private keys match the the public keys on OpenShift. But this still is an approximation.
What we thought of is a service on OpenShift that would allow us to test if SSH'ing is possible for the user that wants to create his app and clone its repo. Github offers pretty much this facility as you can see here:

https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys -  Step 5: Test everything out

What do you think?

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