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Re: OpenShift Origin Management Console

Hi Clayton / List
> Interesting - might be that this is a step I forgot to right down.  During push the ruby cart will invoke rake assets:precompile - it could be that I forgot to include a step.  You can compare with http://console-claytondev.rhcloud.com/ which is a slightly older version of the source.  I'll take a look this afternoon and see if I can spot anything.
> Any and all pull requests are greatly appreciated! :)

I've not managed to get to the bottom of this problem yet (I'm not
really a Ruby guy,) so I tried a local install.
This is on Ubuntu 12.10 beta 2.

When I run "bundle exec rake test" it errors since it cannot find a
Javascript runtime.  I've hacked around this by adding "gem
"therubyracer", :require => 'v8'" at the bottom of the Gemfile and
re-running "bundle install," but that does not look like a clean
solution to me (which is why I've not done a pull request for it.)
Do you have any suggestions for a clean way to fix this?


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