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Fwd: OpenShift Internals

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From: Gandalf Corvotempesta <gandalf corvotempesta gmail com>
Date: 2012/9/28
Subject: Re: OpenShift Internals
To: Matt Hicks <mhicks redhat com>

2012/9/28 Matt Hicks <mhicks redhat com>
Around the template, it's tied to the cartridges, but there is a structure that is used.  You can see an example of the php cartridge template here:


You can also reference the PHP action hooks in that same directory structure - https://github.com/openshift/crankcase/tree/master/cartridges/php-5.3/template/.openshift/action_hooks

I've forgot an important question: is possible to create a custom php cartrige that doesn't need the /php/ directory where to store files?
We would like to use the main application directory as document_root, or, better, rename "php" directory to be "public_html"
It's much easier for the customers that we have. 

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