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Re: OpenShift Internals

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On Sep 28, 2012, at 9:54 AM, Gandalf Corvotempesta wrote:

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From: Gandalf Corvotempesta <gandalf corvotempesta gmail com>
Date: 2012/9/28
Subject: Re: OpenShift Internals
To: Matt Hicks <mhicks redhat com>

2012/9/28 Matt Hicks <mhicks redhat com>
Around the template, it's tied to the cartridges, but there is a structure that is used.  You can see an example of the php cartridge template here:


You can also reference the PHP action hooks in that same directory structure - https://github.com/openshift/crankcase/tree/master/cartridges/php-5.3/template/.openshift/action_hooks

I've forgot an important question: is possible to create a custom php cartrige that doesn't need the /php/ directory where to store files?
We would like to use the main application directory as document_root, or, better, rename "php" directory to be "public_html"
It's much easier for the customers that we have. 

RR: I can see a few different options here: 
       1.  One method is to just change the git template app in the php cartridge. Do something like "mv php public_html"  and then "ln -s public_html php". 
            That should work as long as FollowSymLinks is set (should be the default but you can check this in your httpd config). 
            That does however keep the php directory as a symlink.

       2.  The other alternative is to do the rename above "mv php public_html" and then modify the php cartridge's deploy_httpd_config script to set the 
            DocumentRoot to the public_html directory instead of the php/ directory. That seems to be the cleanest solution.

       3.  You could use some custom .htaccess configuration (rewrite rules + directory paths) as well if you want to go that route -- its a bit more "heavy" for 
            what you want though. A possible alternative here is to put the public_html directory under the php/ directory and have a rewrite rule that adds 
            public_html to the uri.  

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