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Re: OpenShift Internals


https://github.com/openshift/crankcase/blob/master/gearchanger/mcollective/plugin/lib/gearchanger-mcollective-plugin/gearchanger/mcollective_application_container_proxy.rb #self.find_available_impl will find the node to create the gear on.
https://github.com/openshift/crankcase/blob/master/gearchanger/mcollective/agent/facts/stickshift_facts.rb assembled the facts which are used in the calculations.


On Sep 28, 2012, at 3:56 PM, Gandalf Corvotempesta wrote:

2012/9/29 Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com>

During scaling up, the broker will look at nodes that support the specified gear size and create a new gear on the node with the most capacity.
You cannot choose an explicit node while scaling.

Can you point me to this algoritm in sources?
I would like to customize it by adding a more check that will always try to use as much nodes as possibile for the same app. Because, if I understand you properly, If I have 5 nodes with free space only for 1 gear more, and a sixth node running the main application gear and 5 free "slots", openshift will scale the app on the same node.

This is no good, an app should be scaled over multiple host, if possibile. 

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