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Re: Cartridges

2012/9/29 Jhon Honce <jhonce redhat com>:
> -- The CLI is currently undergoing a major rewrite. I hope you like simplifications that will be included.

Is possibile to have some examples about the new CLI?

>> What happens in case of scaling an app with a mysql cartridge loaded?
> -- mysql is installed on one gear
> -- php-5.3 is installed on another gear(s)

So, when scaling an application, there is a check that will not add
another mysql instace on the new gear. Is this check the following:

but I don't understand a thing. when I create a new scaled app with
php enabled a new gear with only haproxy is created and then another
gear with php is created and added to the proxy. Now, when I add a
mysql cartridge, mysql will be enabled on one of these gears or on a
brand new and dedicated gear? In the latter case, can you point me to
the code that will choose to create a standalone gear or adding mysql
to an existing one?

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