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Re: Cartridges

Every application needs at least one cartridge.  Eventually that might be an app with just a database, but for now that is a web cartridge (php, ruby, etc).

So app creation is rhc app create <name> <type>.  Eventually we'll allow multiple carts on creation, but that's a rest API thing web haven't fixed yet.

After you have an app, you remove or add cartridges, hence after the changes Jhon mentioned the cli will accept 'rhc cartridge add <type> -a <name>' (currently rhc app cartridge add ....)

In Openshift, capabilities (whether they are code, services, add ons, or external services) are likely to continue to be modeled as cartridges.  The cartridge is  the unifying object that represents adding or removing that service.

We have discussed, but not added, the concept of cartridges exposing configuration options modeled through the rest API as a way of enforcing and making consistent the creation process for a wide range of capabilities (user/pass, scaling params, tunable properties of the cart, external service uuid, paths, etc).

On Sep 29, 2012, at 6:06 PM, Gandalf Corvotempesta <gandalf corvotempesta gmail com> wrote:

> 2012/9/29 Jhon Honce <jhonce redhat com>:
>> -- The CLI is currently undergoing a major rewrite. I hope you like simplifications that will be included.
> Is possibile to have some examples about the new CLI?
>>> What happens in case of scaling an app with a mysql cartridge loaded?
>> -- mysql is installed on one gear
>> -- php-5.3 is installed on another gear(s)
> So, when scaling an application, there is a check that will not add
> another mysql instace on the new gear. Is this check the following:
> https://github.com/openshift/crankcase/blob/master/cartridges/mysql-5.1/info/hooks/configure#L48
> ?
> but I don't understand a thing. when I create a new scaled app with
> php enabled a new gear with only haproxy is created and then another
> gear with php is created and added to the proxy. Now, when I add a
> mysql cartridge, mysql will be enabled on one of these gears or on a
> brand new and dedicated gear? In the latter case, can you point me to
> the code that will choose to create a standalone gear or adding mysql
> to an existing one?
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