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Re: Git merge missing file permissions


git update-index --chmod=+x file
git commit


On Dec 6, 2013, at 7:42 AM, Mateus Caruccio <mateus caruccio getupcloud com> wrote:

While creating an app from a downloadable cart and quickstart (both pretty simple) I got this behavior. Maybe it's only me misunderstanding how git works, but definitely not what I was expecting.

$ git --version
git version (Apple Git-47)

# go to /tmp and create two repos, "a" and "b"

$ git init /tmp/a
$ git init /tmp/b
$ cd /tmp/a/
$ echo 'i am a' > file
$ git add file
$ git commit file -m 'add to a'

# init repo "b" and set exec bits of "file" 

$ cd /tmp/b
$ echo 'i am b' > file
$ git add file;
$ git commit file -m 'add to b'
$ chmod +x file                       <--- chmod "upstream" repo
$ git commit -a -m 'exec perm'

# go back to "a" and do a recursive merge

$ cd /tmp/a/
$ git remote add upstream /tmp/b
$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
$ cat file
i am b
$ ls -l file
-rw-r--r--  1 mateus  wheel  7  6 Dez 13:28 file

What I get from now on is a properly merged file content but "old/local-repo" permission bits.

Now I have to ask you:
- Is this the real life?
- Is this just fantasy?
- Is this me not reading all git man pages?

Mateus Caruccio
Master of Puppets
+55 (51) 8298.0026
gtalk: mateus caruccio getupcloud com
twitter: @MateusCaruccio

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