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OpenShift Origin Error using puppet script

Hi All


I am hitting the following error  after running the puppet script for Node Install- Broker is up and running -Any clues?



[root ip-10-183-143-67 ~]# oo-accept-node -v

INFO: using default accept-node extensions

INFO: loading node configuration file /etc/openshift/node.conf

INFO: loading resource limit file /etc/openshift/resource_limits.conf

INFO: finding external network device

INFO: checking node public hostname resolution

INFO: checking selinux status

INFO: checking selinux openshift-origin policy

INFO: checking selinux booleans

INFO: checking package list

INFO: checking services

FAIL: Could not get SELinux context for mcollective

FAIL: Could not get SELinux context for oddjobd

INFO: checking kernel semaphores >= 512

INFO: checking cgroups configuration

INFO: checking cgroups processes

INFO: find district uuid: NONE

INFO: determining node uid range: 1000 to 6500

INFO: checking presence of tc qdisc

INFO: checking for cgroup filter

INFO: checking presence of tc classes

INFO: checking filesystem quotas

INFO: checking quota db file selinux label

INFO: checking 0 user accounts

INFO: checking application dirs

INFO: checking system httpd configs

INFO: checking cartridge repository






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