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Gear network statistics

Hi there.

I'am looking for a way to read tx/rx statistics for a given gear, as a gear user.

So far I have found that each gear generated packet is marked and shaped using tc, with a unique qdisc and class. The classid is available from oo-cgroup-read net_cls.classidand stats for a given classid is shown with:

classid="" "%x\n" `oo-cgroup-read net_cls.classid`)
/sbin/tc -statistics class show dev eth0 classid $classid

The problem is all HTTP traffic goes through node web proxy, accounting only on the root qdisc. Gear's qdisc does account, but only for direct traffic like ssh.

AFAICT gear services are bound to loopback interface, while its qdisc is bound to eth0 (in my specific case). That prevents HTTP I/O to do accounting. Am I right?

Any ideas?

Mateus Caruccio
Master of Puppets
+55 (51) 8298.0026
gtalk: mateus caruccio getupcloud com
twitter: @MateusCaruccio

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