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openshift mcollective agent log rotation

Hi Everyone,

I'm noticing that the openshift node platform and platform-trace logs can grow fairly large, at least with Origin 2. I haven't tried 3 yet. The split trace logger instantiates its Logger instance with args that enable log rotation, however because the logging device is passed in instead of having the logger instance open the file itself, log rotation never happens. How are others handling platform log rotation?

There are a couple approaches I've come up with:

1. I can use logrotate with a postrotate action that restarts mcollective however I'm concerned that this could cause gear operations to fail. It seemed to do so in testing.

2. I also tried modifying the split trace logger and the openshift agent such that a re-initialize of the mcollective agents would trigger a close and re-open the log file. This seemed much more resilient in testing, however it did require code modification (https://github.com/aaronknister/origin-server/commit/c409a272fa67643367ba0b5d3b0e3d5d64d597aa). That and there's always the risk that arises of log file corruption when gziping with logrotate because of the asynchronous nature of signals.

3. The solution I'm working with now is to make the platform and platform trace logs fifo's and send the logs from a fifo through apache's rotatelogs command. This doesn't require any code changes.

4. It would be nice if I could specify a command to run for the platform and platform trace logs, similar to what one can do with apache and the rotatelogs command. This would require code modification of course.

Is any one of these approaches preferable?


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