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Re: Custom Cartridge Development In OpenShift

1/2) not sure if this is the best/only option, but you can specify environment variables while creating your app, so that could be used to pass parameters.
3) Not clear on the question?  Do you mean change what parameters the start method takes?  If so then the answer would be no.
4) Again environment variables would be one approach.  Marker files are another way to control your script behavior, but of course it is harder to set those in advance.  (you would need a quickstart that included them, I think)

Ben Parees | OpenShift

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Subject: Custom Cartridge Development In OpenShift

Hi All 

I was working on custom cartridge development and I have a question regarding the flexibility of the same 

1. Do we have the option of giving user-input or parameters while adding a custom cartridge. 

2. From web interface this is not a possibility – but what about using rhc command ? 

3. Is it possible to change the start method definition of control script. – I assume it as no 

4. If option 2 is not possible,which I mostly think – would it be possible to define different methods (say method x) in control script that will take user-input? 

For ex : it would be two step process-- fisrt add cartridge and then invoke method x on cartridge that will take input and do functionalty. 

A use case: 

The custom cartridge will talk to different system ,based on the input given to custom cartridge and do some processing. 

I hope I am not missing anything obvious-! 



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