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Re: problems with applications

It seems that the context for ssh into the gear is not created properly.
That's why I sometimes I cannot clone, sometimes I cannot push to the application.
I get Permissions Deny when pushing to the git repository, although I created the application just now via the rhc client tools.
Does anyone have a hint ?


On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 11:03 AM, liaabi <liaa_4all yahoo com> wrote:
Hey all,

I am running Openshift Origin as private PaaS on Fedora 19. I recently built my own deployment with one Broker host and 2 Node hosts (from the public openshift repo). With authoritative name server. From the puppet scripts, after lot of digging and adjustments as in the comprehensive guide, it runs nicely, except for application creation/update/deletion.
The problems arise only sometimes, and there are the following:
- Creating an application, git cannot be cloned. Error with ssh authentication.
- Creating an application, uploading the code (pushing the upstream): Permission denied
- Application crashes (httpd/web service stops). Did not figure out the cause
- Cannot delete application. client hangs, logs say, application/state not found.

I would appreciate any input and insight on these issues.

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