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Openshift origin high availability and best practices


I am currently using openshift origin (broker package is version 1.5.2 - is there a way get a version number other than rpm - I have many openshift packages w/ different versions, yet I installed it using puppet). 

For fault tolerance, I am using:
- two separate masters
- glusterfs + external mysql to keep the data in sync

What about districts, are they already an alternative to multiple separate installations (http://brenton-leanhardt.rhcloud.com/?p=102)

Generally I would like to ask the list, if there is already a plan emerging for having high availability apps w/ the benefits that the out-of-the box cartridges are automating (creating a database instance, no need to keep uids in sync, ...). The greatest pain today is that I have to create every app twice and have to take that they share the same user ID (for NFS).

I saw that there was a blog post about master/slave database replication, is this cartridge also available in origin? Also I need to have the data tree in sync. (https://www.openshift.com/blogs/cloudy-with-a-chance-of-data-master-slave-database-replication-on-openshift)

Furthermore although changing the valid gear sizes to small,medium console only allows me to create small gears.

Best regards,

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