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Re: httpd conf files for gears

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> Hey Bob,
>      Yes, those files are created when the gear is created on the
>      node.
> The purpose of those files is to pass the http traffic from the
> system
> apache instance to the gear apache instance. In this way, we can have
> many gears taking traffic on port 80, yet each gear is securely
> running
> their own apache processes.
> So, the process goes like this:
> * Web browser connects to the node that houses many gears
> * The system apache looks at what virtual host is being referenced
> and
> then proxy passes the traffic to the correct gear
> * The gear is running it's own apache process (or tomcat in the case
> of
> java, or node web server in the case of nodejs) that handles the http
> traffic
> In the file, you'll see that the system apache is proxy passing
> specifically to an IP address. This IP address is your gears internal
> localhost address. It should be something like 127.*.
> Does that make sense?
> Thomas

Thanks Thomas, this does help.

It looks like the source of my install problems revolved around making the following 2 mistakes.

1) Not using a FQDN for either the CONF_BROKER_HOSTNAME or CONF_NODE_HOSTNAME within the installer script.
2) Having my ethernet device set to eth1 as a result of using templates to create the vms (the installer script is hardwired to eth0). I fixed this by editing /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules after building the vm.


> On 12/21/2012 05:48 PM, Bob Kozdemba wrote:
> > Could someone comment on how the conf files in
> > /etc/httpd/conf.d/openshift/gearid_app_namespace/ get created and
> > what they are used for?
> >
> > I was troubleshooting an httpd redirection problem with my node
> > where the
> > /etc/httpd/conf.d/openshift/gearid_app_namespace/00000_default.conf
> > file contained an incorrect domain in the ServerName field. I
> > ended up reviewing the node install procedure in the deployment
> > guide and the problem somehow got fixed but I'm not sure how.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bob
> >    
> >
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