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Continuous Deployment


I originally posted this on the community forum, but Nam suggested I post it on the dev mailing list.

I'd like to use OpenShift Origins or Enterprise to manage a Continuous Deployment pipeline for a large (30MM+ user) application. Our  SOA will also A/B test every release as it goes out, automatically failing a release that does not meet certain thresholds for KPIs. To do this, I need to control the deployment of the new build into production. When a build successfully passes all our tests in Jenkins, I'd like to install the new build into production without removing the old build. Then I'll slowly bleed traffic over to the new version while monitoring our KPIs. If all goes well, all traffic will eventually use the new version and I can remove the old version. If not, I'll redirect all the traffic back to the old version and remove the new build. Traffic routing will be through HA Proxy for web applications, and through a custom message broker for backend services.

Is it possible to do this all with the deployment hooks? If not, is there someplace in the Origins code I can look to scope out the amount of work involved to meet these requirements?


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