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Scaling of WSGI cartridge on Origin

I'm currently experimenting with the WSGI cartridge for deployment of
Plone so that it is scalable. My previous attempt was on DIY cartridge
which does not support the scaling feature.

So far, I've successfully  reached to the point where Plone able to
run on the scalable WSGI cartridge, with 2 gears. However 2 gears
seems to be the maximum i can reach with "haproxy_ctld -u".
"haproxy_ctld -d" does bring down the gear to 1, and I am able to get
it back to 2, but not more. Any idea why?.

My hunch tells me that it might be due to openshift only allow maximum
2 gears on a single node for the scalable functionality, but then
again, thats just a wild guess of mine.

Is this an expected behaviour or are there something i need to be
aware of when it comes to the scaling magic?

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Bin Ismail / KageSenshi
Inigo Consulting (FOSS/Plone Development, Training & Services)
Fedora Malaysia Contributor & Ambassador
92C2 B295 B40B B3DC 6866  5011 5BD2 584A 8A5D 7331

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