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Re: Scaling of WSGI cartridge on Origin

If this is on origin, there is a script that you can run on the broker host to increase the number of a gears a user can create.  It might be set to three for some reason.

There are often times when you want to increase or decrease the number of gears a particular user can consume without modifying the setting for all existing users.  OpenShift provides a command that will allow the administrator to configure settings for an individual user.  To see all of the available options that can be performed on a specific user, enter the following command:

	# oo-admin-ctl-user
To see how many gears that our *demo* user has consumed as well as how many gears the *demo* user has access to create, you can provide the following switches to the *oo-admin-ctl-user* command:

	# oo-admin-ctl-user -l demo
Given the current state of our configuration for this training class, you should see the following output:
	User demo:
      	consumed gears: 0
        max gears: 100
        gear sizes: small
In order to change the number of gears that our *demo* user has permission to create, you can pass the —setmaxgears switch to the command.  For instance, if we only want to allow the *demo* user to be able to create 25 gears, we would use the following command:

	# oo-admin-ctl-user -l demo --setmaxgears 25
After entering the above command, you should see the following output:

	Setting max_gears to 25... Done.
	User demo:
      consumed gears: 0
      max gears: 25
      gear sizes: small


Hope that helps.

On Jan 28, 2013, at 12:08 PM, Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail <kagesenshi 87 gmail com> wrote:

> I'm currently experimenting with the WSGI cartridge for deployment of
> Plone so that it is scalable. My previous attempt was on DIY cartridge
> which does not support the scaling feature.
> So far, I've successfully  reached to the point where Plone able to
> run on the scalable WSGI cartridge, with 2 gears. However 2 gears
> seems to be the maximum i can reach with "haproxy_ctld -u".
> "haproxy_ctld -d" does bring down the gear to 1, and I am able to get
> it back to 2, but not more. Any idea why?.
> My hunch tells me that it might be due to openshift only allow maximum
> 2 gears on a single node for the scalable functionality, but then
> again, thats just a wild guess of mine.
> Is this an expected behaviour or are there something i need to be
> aware of when it comes to the scaling magic?
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