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CGroups and SystemD in Fedora 18

Hey Mark,

Rob did some work to get a preliminary idea of what would be needed for CGroups to work on F18 with the new Systemd/Dracut.
Let me know if you can spare some time to dig deeper.




Use cgroup tools instead of file system access so that it works regardless of how cgroups was bootstrapped or configured.

The resulting code will be identical on RHEL 6 and F17/F18 and does not require branching
   1. libcgroup (RHEL6, F17, F18, etc...) and libcgroup-tools (F17, F18)
   2. lssubsys to determine the set of cgroups subsystems.

      2.a. Check that the requirements for Openshift are met.

   3. Continue to populate /etc/cgrules.conf using the same format we do today.

   4. On RHEL 6, continue to manage /etc/cgconfig.conf on  Hosted and Enterprise but don't touch it on F17/F18.

   5. Use lscgroup to determine if a gear has cgroups

   6. Use cgget and cgset to access gear cgroup parameters.

       6.a: Example:
               cgget -r cpu.cfs_period_us /openshift/3d1131c867dd4dabbe814d037fdcd3ec

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