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Re: Gear failure detection and correction

Hi Brian,

The oo-admin-move script is used to move gears (e.g. /usr/sbin/oo-admin-move --gear_uuid a33c5db46d244ae3b5c601751955a1b5 -i ip-10-202-102-95).

If you can provide more information on the OOMException I may be able to help. Is your intent to move to a larger gear?

Thanks -Bill

On 1/31/13 12:16 PM, Brian DeCamp wrote:
If I have a  scalable application, and I detect a failure in one of the gears how can I specifically remove that gear and reallocate it on another node? For instance, if one gear throws an OutOfMemoryError, I'd like to replace only that one gear. The REST API for 5.14 Scale Down Application does not allow me to specify the gear to scale down. 


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