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Re: PUBLIC_IP in node.conf

When I looked through the code some time ago (and just now), I could not find an important use of PUBLIC_IP (there was one point where it's logged; that's it). OpenShift Online may have some uses for this but in Origin at this point I think it may be vestigial. Routing appears to be name-based (even in scaled apps which route to secondary gears by IP, I think it is simply resolved from DNS). We don't have IP-specific iptables rules (yet?).

So the summary is, if this is wrong, you likely won't see any problems, aside from complaints via oo-accept-node / oo-accept-systems.

It's still a good idea to keep PUBLIC_IP updated, though, as it seems inevitable to me that something important *will* depend on this at some point. Look into dhclient config for ways to have a dhcp lease event trigger changes, but be aware that SElinux policy often needs to be created to enable dhclient to make necessary modifications (it might be better to create a service to do this at boot, assuming that's the only time you have IP changes). Also be aware that changing IPs on an existing node will leave secondary gears in scaled apps unroutable (hopefully this will be fixed as part of the upcoming HA work).

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There is a PUBLIC_IP config option in node.conf. Is it necessary? I don’t have static IPs for my nodes, so it might be an issue if IP needs to be specified statically. 


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