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Munin plugins for OpenShift

I wrote a simple munin plugin for charting gears present/idle on nodes
[0]. All the relevant bits are available on GitHub [1].

Does anyone else have any useful plugins written for Munin+OpenShift? I
couldn't find any in a standard 5-second Google search for "munin

Obligatory pretty pictures (fancier ones are in references):



I'd love to collaborate if there's any interest in this beyond what I've
done already (pull requests accepted).


[0] http://blog.lnx.cx/2013/07/05/a-munin-plugin-for-openshift/
[1] https://github.com/tbielawa/openshift-munin-plugins

Tim Bielawa, Software Engineer/Scribe
       We are all cloud
GCA - Production Control Team (RDU)
919.332.6411 Cell | IRC: tbielawa (#gca)
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