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Re: web consoles as broker plugins

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> From: "Clayton Coleman" <ccoleman redhat com>

> > I have mixed feelings about the existing plugin include model. It does allow
> > nicely for the typical RPM practice of dropping a config file somewhere to
> > "configure thyself in" rather than modifying config, and it's easy for
> > Gemfile to understand. On the other hand, bundler's "interface" to figuring
> > out when you have a problem is not just obtuse but downright misleading.
> > Would be nice if the method for including plugins landed outside bundler's
> > purview entirely.
> Can't really, otherwise you can't include required gems in a sane way.

I had an idea. Consider the first answer here: https://blog.engineyard.com/2011/bundler-pro-tip

Have the default Gemfile be for the minimum viable app. Probably have to include Rails but not much else - a bootstrap app, which is mainly for dealing with problems at the bundler level.

It tries to load a bundler env with full Gemfile, and then we get to define the user response on failure, not bundler.

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