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Re: Infinispan/Data Grid with OpenShift

On 7/15/13 1:39 AM, s madathilthattantav accenture com wrote:

Hi All


For one of our  ongoing project in OSE, we are looking into adopting the following  options for caching- Infinispan or Jboss Datagrid.


Need inputs/pointers on couple of things  :



1.       What are the Use case where Data grid  is recommended over Infinispan


The  application impacted is deployed on Tomcat in OSE [jbossews1.0 crtridge] . What is the recommendation for such Use case - Infinispan or Data Grid ?

DataGrid is the supported version of Infinispan. DataGrid goes through extensive QE for each release/patch while Infinispan is the rapidly moving upstream community project. There is currently an Infinispan cartridge and a DataGrid cartridge is in progress.



2.       Taking references  from the following documentation, http://planet.jboss.org/post/data_grid_why


, data grid lives within the app servers in the distributed mode. How does this work in OpenShift


Will It resides in a seperate gear? Is there any documentation on how this can be achieved in OSE

If the framework application (e.g. EWS/Tomcat) is a scaled application then Infinispan will live on a separate gear. If not scaled then Infinispan will live on the same gear.


Appreciate your help.







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