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Re: Several MySQL for the same app

Hi Krishna

Now it is possible to use several MySQL (or PostgreSQL, ...) in one application, with this project ;)



2013/7/1 Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com>
Hi Romain,

This is not currently possible. We currently have an assumption in broker code that there is only one instance of a cartridge/component.

The difference between a cartridge and component is best explained by an example. Lets look at a mongo cartridge that is sharded. It
runs 3 different types of instances … mongo replica  which stores the data, mongo config server which stores the metadata and mongo
router which directs apps where to go for data. Each of these instances would be a separate component which is part of the mongo


On Jul 1, 2013, at 6:40 AM, Romain <filirom1 gmail com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there a way to use multiple mysql (or multiple postgresql, ...) in one application.
> It looks to be not possible.
> Do you think of a way to implement it ?
> What is the difference between cartridge_name and component_name in the mongodb applications collection.
> Cheers
> Romain
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