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Re: Clarification on gear scaling process in Openshift Online

Where did you read about shutdown of the cartridge on the first gear? Links would be helpful here...

I don't actually know for sure, but I don't believe anything is shut down. I believe it is simply a change to load balancing so that the primary gear is receiving less and less and eventually no traffic as gears are added. I'm not sure that it would serve much purpose to shut down the framework cartridge; the resources a proxy is using when loaded is mainly bandwidth, perhaps some CPU for routing and a little RAM for buffering. The trouble it would take to manage the framework cartridge shutting down doesn't seem worth the reclaimed RAM. But I'd be happy to be corrected.
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Subject: Clarification on gear scaling process in Openshift Online

Hi there, 

First mail to list so hi :D. I just wanted to ask a question regarding how scaling works in OS Online regarding the shutdown of the 1st gear. I am referring to the what I read that once an application scales past 3 gears, the application server instance (be it JBoss or Tomcat) is shutdown on the first gear to free resources for HAProxy. However in a related question on the forums a RedHat employee said that he was under the impression that rather than being instantly shutdown it is rather passed less requests as the application scales until I'm assuming it drops off entirely. 

My issue is that I have a program running on the first gear that I register to with new duplicates on fresh scaled gears. I am trying to establish if once a app scales I will no longer have access to this primary instance. If this is the case then I will need to explore other approaches to achieve what I am attempting. 

Any clarification on this process would be appreciated. 

Many thanks, 

Dan Kitchen 
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