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Re: JGroups Port in OpenShift

Is this Online or on-premise? Multicast is not allowed on the former. I recommend taking a look at the default config here:

selinux by default is going to limit the ports that are open to bind. For an onprem installation, multicast may be allowed depending on the underlying network configuration but the default selinux config will probably have to be modified. If you use the default TCP config, OpenShift will dynamically configure the cluster essentially mimicing the behavior that multicast gives you.

On 7/22/13 9:17 PM, s madathilthattantav accenture com wrote:


Hi All


I am trying to deploy a Infinispan in a clustered replicated mode in OpenShift. The application worked locally in JBossAs7.

But when I am trying in OpenShift,it is giving me issues. Looks like configuration issue with the port I am trying to bind


The default Jgroup configuration is






As I understand I have used bind_addr as OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DNS ,But I am unsure what I should be configuring

for mcast_addr and mcast_port. How do I get these values for OpenShift.Does OpenShift support this protocol?I tried with couple

of env variables,but everything gives me BindException.


Also If I have two application hosted,this configuration should be same to work in clustered ,replicated mode - How can this be

accomplished in OpenShift.


Thanks a lot



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