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FYI: Origin Documentation Changes

Hey all--
I wanted to call out some changes that we are making to how we manage and deliver documents for OpenShift Origin.

1. New doc root.
If you are looking for the docs online, note that we have changed the doc root on the OpenShift Origin site from:

http://openshift.github.io/origin/ to

Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

2. New doc source.
Starting a few weeks ago, we began consolidating Origin documentation sources under [origin-server]/documentation. The goal of this consolidation is to make docs easier to find, to reduce replication, and to simplify the way that we publish our doc set.

Moving forward, if you are working on the origin-server code and you feel that a README.md file is in order for the stuff that you are working on, by all means create it. But, please use it as a pointer to the relevant doc under origin-server/documentation. For instance:

# Awesome Thing
This awesome thing is described [here](https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/blob/master/documentation/awesomething.txt)

Currently cartridges and plugins are still documented under their respective areas; I will be migrating those this week into a cartridge guide and a plugins guide.

3. Authoring new docs.
The Origin docs are now sourced in AsciiDoc. The [origin-server]/documentation area contains tools for building and live-editing the docs; all of which is documented in [origin-server]/documentation/README.md. The build environment will do the right thing with your new document provided you stick to the rules in the README.md file.

Note - if you are submitting a pull request for a new doc, be sure to add a link to your new doc from [origin-server]/documentation/index.txt as part of your request.

Please follow up with any questions or comments.


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