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Re: Code for discussion: broker plugin loading

On 07/29/2013 04:39 PM, Luke Meyer wrote:
This little commit does a few things I'd like feedback on:


1. the /etc/openshift base for config files can be overridden by env var OPENSHIFT_CONF_DIR. This would allow us to load huge sections of the code (say, in a console, or a test) without having to actually use /etc/openshift - i.e. without needing or disturbing an actual installation. Could be used, for instance, to test plugins. Might need to chase down stray in-code references to /etc/openshift (aside from tests, docs, etc.) but the idea is there.

2. Gemfile now loads plugins even if just the -dev.conf file is present - this avoids the unintuitive result where the -dev.conf file is present but production .conf isn't and the plugin doesn't actually load at all. Got a bug on this for admin console.
Is this really what we want to do? Running production from dev files could do really weird things, especially with integration with other systems. Case in point, PROD got pointed to a test Aria instance for a little while a few months before launch... long enough for production accounts on our end to get tied to accounts in a test environment in Aria.

3. Plugins are loaded in sorted order, in case it matters. It shouldn't now, but it might if we had, say, a plugin that wrapped another...

4. Plugin load failures are caught and printed to stderr instead of just crashing.

This is the one I most need feedback on.

First, printing to stderr doesn't seem to end up anywhere, but we can't exactly print to the Rails log at this point... right?

Second... what *should* happen when a gem fails to load? Couple scenarios:
a. File in /etc/openshift/plugins.d that is left by mistake, misnamed, etc.
b. One plugin initialization is broken but we don't necessarily want to halt loading entirely (e.g. if your admin console is broken, just don't load it, everything else will work).

It would be nice to have helpful error messages in response to these conditions, something other than "Couldn't find gem openshift-origin-foo-bar... run bundle install to fix everything!"

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