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Re: App creation time

The DNS is in the same LAN and is private.
We use nginx to access the web gears. Nginx is configured with a resolver pointing to our private DNS.

DNS updates are very fast

2013/6/3 Alessandro Fazzi <alessandro fazzi welaika com>
When using WP quickstart, are you pulling the code from the default repo? Having the repo in your lan should reduce the gap it has compared to a php gear creation.

MOreover, I can't see nothing special in 12 sec creation time; I'm taking the same time using the web console. I think a good part of it could be in the DNS propagation. Where your DNS is? Local on the broker?


On 03/06/2013 14:39, Romain wrote:

We are using Origin on our servers.
Creating an app with openshift takes some times

Php/Node : 12s
WordPress : 30s

Do you find these times alright ?
Is there some configuration tuning to make it faster ?


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