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cannot connect from JBDS7/Java7 to OpenShift Enterprise: missing config in OpenShift Enterprise?


OpenShift QE (and apparently others in the OpenShift team) discovered that one cannot connect to OpenShift Enterprise via hostname:


The root cause of this is the OpenShift server warning the openshift-java-client about an unknown ServerName/ServerAlias. Java7 (not Java6!) will then tell the user about a SSL-handshake error. It turns out that there's no easy way for us to fix this in JBoss Developer Studio. There's only a global switch at the JVM-level to turn these checks off. Furthermore this global switch has to be set before any SSL library is loaded. This is not nice/suitable in Eclipse where we would prevent other plugins from having these checks.
I thus wonder if there's any way for OpenShift Enterprise to have the ServerName/ServerAlias set right so that JBDS wont run into this issue?


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