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Re: RHEL6 nightly repo

Last modified 11 Jun 2013 :D

Thank you !!!

2013/6/10 Romain <filirom1 gmail com>
Thank you Krishna

2013/6/10 Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com>
Hi Romain,

RHEL builds have been failing recently due to some changes in the RHEL ami where I do the builds.
I am trying to fix the issue and will let you know once its updated.

You can keep an eye on the builds here http://originci-openshift.rhcloud.com/job/origin_ami_rhel/


On Jun 10, 2013, at 6:31 AM, Romain <filirom1 gmail com> wrote:


The last update on the RHEL6 nightly repo was the 07-May-2013

I would like to update my instance of Openshift Origin to use the new V2 cartridges.

Is there a new repo ?

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