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Re: Calling expose_port for domain scoped cartridges

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> From: "Brenton Leanhardt" <bleanhar redhat com>
> To: dev lists openshift redhat com
> Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 5:40:48 AM
> Subject: Re: Calling expose_port for domain scoped cartridges
> +++ Brenton Leanhardt [17/06/13 05:21 -0400]:
> >Today we only call expose port for scaled applications.  Would it be
> >possible to also call it for domain scoped cartridges?
> >
> >Here's the hack I worked with today to prototype my cartridge:
> >https://github.com/brenton/origin-server/commit/3b86fbba3f8eab6313d35ca336898035a031c3bb
> >
> >I'm sure there's more to it then that but that does indeed do what I
> >need it to do.  Is this a feature we could add?
> To better understand the use-case here's what I'm working on:
> * A domain scoped cartridge that provides a logstash server.  The
>    configuration out of the box will listen on a TCP port for logs and
>    send everything to a local file and a websocket port.  (logstash
>    supports SSL auth but I haven't tried it yet).  I would like this
>    cartridge to be domain scoped so that the experience is like the
>    jenkins cartridge.  A developer creates a logstash app and all of
>    the apps using the logstash-client automatically start logging to
>    it.
>    The main problem here is that I need to set Public-Port-Name in the
>    mainifest but it won't be used today unless the application is
>    scalable.  It's not using HTTP so I can't go through any of the web
>    proxies (which is how Jenkins works).  My other gears need to know
>    how to find this domain scoped cartridge.

> * A plugin cartridge that will run the logstash file monitor on all
>    log files.  I'm thinking of having it only send updates to the
>    logstash server once minute. This could be tuned fairly easily.
> >
> >--Brenton
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I will just leave these here:

https://github.com/danryan/woodchuck or https://github.com/josegonzalez/beaver

No need to have every application running a java app to just send logs.

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