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Re: Calling expose_port for domain scoped cartridges

On Mon, 2013-06-17 at 08:38 -0400, Andy Goldstein wrote:
> On Jun 17, 2013, at 5:21 AM, Brenton Leanhardt wrote:
> > Today we only call expose port for scaled applications.  Would it be
> > possible to also call it for domain scoped cartridges?
> +1. I think this would be extremely useful. I would even think this would be useful for normal (non-domain, non-scaled) apps.

We added a call to expose port for non-scalable apps in this sprint for
cartridges that expose a direct SSL endpoint.


The TCP proxy solution we use is haproxy which is fast and stable but
adding/removing ports causes services to become unavailable while the
daemon hands-off its connections to a new one (why didn't they implement
a normal SIGHUP like everyone else?).  It was a known down-side we
accepted because at the time it was the least buggy solution otherwise
that could scale to our requirements.

Fortunately, Fedora 19 and RHEL 7 will finally allow DNAT to loopback
addresses and we can toss the proxy entirely.


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