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origin-server PR 2860 - Add DNS plugin for dnsmasq

This pull request adds a plugin for DNSmasq.

It will allow an OpenShift broker to update the DNS CNAME records for a DNSMasq service running on the same host as the OpenShift broker service.

This plugin is suitable only for test/development or very small OpenShift Origin lab configurations.

The PR makes no changes to existing files.  It adds a directory and contents to origin-server/plugins/dns/dnsmasq

Unit tests can be run using 'rake spec' on a host which has dnsmasq and a small set of rubygems installed.


Mark Lamourine <markllama redhat com>
Sr. Software Developer, Cloud Engineering
Red Hat, 314 Littleton Road, Westford MA 01886
Voice: +1 978 392 1093
markllama @ irc://irc.freenod.org*lopsa

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