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Re: Is there any administration API to manage the app/cartridges as system admin

+++ XuQing Tan [19/06/13 16:26 +0800]:
hi, Krishna

i'm working on a PoC to integrate openshift origin with our existing system
(it's kind of a ticket system, that user can request to create app etc).

as the system admin, now i want to programmatically create the app on
openshift for the user.

note that, as system admin, i don't have the user's credentials (they are
in LDAP, i don't have access). but for now, i found that openshift rest API
request the user's credentials to create the app.

so, have can I use my system admin account, to create the app for that user?

I'm betting the proper way to do this would be to somehow generate an
authorization token that would give all you to create applications on
behalf of another user.

A hackish way to do this is to use the remote-user authentication
plugin.  All requests coming in to the SSL-termination proxy require
authentication.  However if you have access to localhost:8080 on the
Broker machine you can set the REMOTE_USER header to whatever user you
wish.  Then you could create applications using curl or anything that
can generate the appropriate request.


 Thanks & Best Regards!

                (. .)
 |           Nick Tan           |

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