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Re: cartridge v2 migration

Hi Krishna

If I can help you, tell me how. It could be fun :)


2013/6/19 Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com>
Hi Romain,

A node had to be either v1 or v2. And v2 nodes will not be able to manage v1 applications. I will be working with Diego Castro to
document how to migrate a v1 app to v2. We could always use some help if you have time.


On Jun 19, 2013, at 8:11 AM, Romain <filirom1 gmail com> wrote:

It's quite strange that the cartridge node version is 0.10 on CentOS but node --version tell me 0.6. Is it a bug ?

What is quarantined about ?

Now I have both v1 and v2 cartridges working on my node. 
V2 is set to be the default one : $ oo-cart-version -c v2
Now, v1 apps are quite limited. We can not add new cartridges on it.

How could I migrate existing v1 app to the v2 format ?

2013/6/19 Romain <filirom1 gmail com>
I just need to restart mcollectived on the v2 node, to make it works.

Before restart

    $ mco find -A openshift

After restart

    $ mco find -A openshift

I am still working on how to migrate to v2 cartridges.

As soon as I find something I will keep you informed on this thread.


2013/6/19 Romain <filirom1 gmail com>
I found something interesting,

    $  mco rpc -q rpcutil inventory action="">
    Finished processing 3 / 3 hosts in 24.58 ms

The v2 node is persent, and the v2 cartridges too

    "cart_list"=> "cron-1.4|diy-0.1|haproxy-1.4|jenkins-client-1.4|jenkins-1.4|mongodb-2.2|mysql-5.1|nodejs-0.10|perl-5.10|php-5.3|phpmyadmin-3.4|ruby-1.9|ruby-1.8",

But this commands only returns me the v1 nodes

    $  mco rpc -q openshift cartridge_repository action="">
    Discovering hosts using the mc method for 2 second(s) .... 2

     * [ ============================================================> ] 2 / 2



    Finished processing 2 / 2 hosts in 44.74 ms

Any idea ?

2013/6/19 Romain <filirom1 gmail com>

I tried a V2 migration on a specific district, but it doesn't work as expected.

This district only have one node, with user apps on it.

On this node, I remove the old cartridges:

    $ yum remove openshift-origin-cartridge-10gen-mms-agent-0.1 openshift-origin-cartridge-cron-1.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-diy-0.1 openshift-origin-cartridge-haproxy-1.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-mongodb-2.2 openshift-origin-cartridge-mysql-5.1 openshift-origin-cartridge-nodejs-0.6 openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins-1.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins-client-1.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-community-python-2.7 openshift-origin-cartridge-community-python-3.3 openshift-origin-cartridge-postgresql-9.2 openshift-origin-cartridge-ruby-1.9 openshift-origin-cartridge-php-5.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-perl-5.16 openshift-origin-cartridge-phpmyadmin-3.5 openshift-origin-cartridge-postgresql-8.4 openshift-origin-cartridge-ruby-1.9-scl openshift-origin-cartridge-ruby-1.8 openshift-origin-cartridge-php-5.3 openshift-origin-cartridge-perl-5.10 openshift-origin-cartridge-python-2.6 openshift-origin-cartridge-phpmyadmin-3.4 

And install the new ones:

    $ yum install openshift-origin-cartridge-10gen-mms-agent openshift-origin-cartridge-cron openshift-origin-cartridge-diy openshift-origin-cartridge-haproxy openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins-client openshift-origin-cartridge-mongodb openshift-origin-cartridge-nodejs openshift-origin-cartridge-perl openshift-origin-cartridge-php openshift-origin-cartridge-phpmyadmin openshift-origin-cartridge-postgresql openshift-origin-cartridge-python openshift-origin-cartridge-ruby openshift-origin-cartridge-mysql

Then I tell the node about the change : 

    $ /usr/sbin/oo-admin-cartridge --recursive -a install -s /usr/libexec/openshift/cartridges/v2/
    $  touch /var/lib/openshift/.settings/v2_cartridge_format

On the broker, I removed the cache and restart it:

    $ oo-admin-broker-cache -c
    $ rm -fr /var/www/openshift/console/tmp/cache/*
    $ /etc/init.d/openshift-broker restart
    $ /etc/init.d/openshift-console restart

Unfortunately, it is not enough. I can not create applications on the v2 node. The broker/console doesn't expose me the v2 cartridges (still node0.6 instead of node 0.10 with v2)

The previously installed v1 applications are up on the v2 node, but I can not push nor stop/restart them.

How can I achieve a v2 migration ?


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