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RE: Maven Plugin for Openshift deploy

Hi Brenton, Andy

Actually these are the right pointers.Thanks a lot !Though I am yet to test it.
Yes I actually was thinking on the lines of something like  "mvn openshift:deploy-war"
so that once I have the war file  - say from a build job ,I don't require to script the git push part.
It need to be auto handled [for successful build] by some maven plugin,with configuration.


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On Jun 19, 2013, at 2:23 AM, Brenton Leanhardt wrote:

> +++ s madathilthattantav accenture com [19/06/13 06:11 +0000]:
>> Hi All
>> I have a query :
>> Is there any maven plug-in that can be used to push war to openshift 
>> [like a git publisher that will trigger all activities like commit, 
>> restart application] I have seen such plug-in for other PaaS [like 
>> cf:push for CloundFoundry]
> Take a look at the following:
> https://github.com/ncdc/openshift-binary-deployment-solution
> https://github.com/ncdc/openshift-binary-deployment-cartridge
> I've heard it's still in active development but it sounds like what 
> you are looking for.

Brenton, thanks for pointing my 2 repos out. These are both variations of the same theme - trying to provide a means to deploy binary artifacts to OpenShift without using git. The first repo (solution) is designed to work with OpenShift and v1 cartridges. I haven't tested it with v2 cartridges and I am fairly certain it will not work with them without some modifications. The second repo (cartridge) is an attempt at creating a custom builder plugin cartridge for v2. It partially works, but there are some issues that I haven't finished working through yet. Additionally, we are starting to discuss initial requirements and designs for alternative deployment mechanisms for OpenShift in addition to git that will hopefully one day make it into Origin.

Shabna, are you looking for something along the lines of "mvn openshift:deploy-war" (to pick an arbitrary command line)?


>> And looking for similar one ,so that my build  job can push the war file to Openshift.
>> Thanks
>> Shabna
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