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Re: Introductions and v2 migrations

Hi Diego,

Now the weekend begin for me, but on tuesday I could take a look on nodejs migration from v1 to v2.

Let me know if there are some special things to be aware of before begining.


2013/6/21 Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com>
Hi Romain, Diego,

I wanted to put you two in touch with each other. Thanks for helping with the documentation/scripting of v1->v2 migration.

The difference between v1 and v2 versions of each cartridge mainly container changes in directory structure and a few
config changes. I would suggest creating a v1 and a v2 version of each cartridge and performing a diff to see the changes.

Origin release 1 defaults to v1 cartridges and latest code on master is v2. You can use vagrant to spin up a machine.
You may have to disable selinux for now. Im working with Dan Walsh to get a bug fixed in the selinux policy which
prevents creation of gears.

Let me know if I can do anything to expedite.

Thanks again for your help

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