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Redis cart now supports scaled failover configs and multi master

The Redis cart has been updated to support a master-slave configuration (with Redis sentinel failover) as well as sharded multi master.  It also supports a simple self update mechanism to build the latest version of Redis from source (see readme)

To install the built 0.1.0 version run

    rhc add-cartridge -a <app> http://rediscart-claytondev.rhcloud.com/build/manifest/0.1.0

The readme in the github repo has details on scaling and switching modes - by default if you issue a scale-cartridge command

    rhc scale-cartridge -a <app> redis 2

it will put you into multi master mode, where each instance is independent. 

A fair number of other config values can be tweaked via the env - once we complete the app env var work you'll be able to do that on cart addition.

See https://github.com/smarterclayton/openshift-redis-cart for more info.

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