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rhc commands targetting individual gears/nodes

      Over the years spending my time in application teams, the situation would often arise that a funky behavior is happening only in few instances in a large pool or maybe Ops have configured honeypot to observe behavior in few instances for app troubleshooting.

Do we have plans where rhc can be used for targeting individual gear or maybe all gears in a node but not the entire app itself?

I just noticed in Openshift Online [have to try it in origin] that rhc threaddump not supported for scaled apps.
Does rhc tail aggregate logs from N gear instances. That would be waste.
It would be nice to have specific targets for these commands to provide more value. Same goes for app start/stop commands also having option to have specific targets.

This may open up a question why not ssh into those gears and execute it locally. As I am explaining the power of Openshift to our app teams, the initial consensus though dev has power to push code and execute commands remotely, nobody feels comfortable giving them ssh access to gears [even with selinux protections]. Requiring regular ssh access to LIVE boxes requires very special approval in our current organization.

So, the second question is right now anybody having git access means they have access to all gears in a scaled app [the way ssh keys are copied]. It would be nice to separate git operations permission vs access to gears. Is there a way to do it currently?


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