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When Pull Requests wedge...???

I have several pull requests pending that are getting notices from the openshift-bot indicating some kind of incomplete test/merge state:

 "evaluated to <commitid>"

 "Origin Action Required: Pull request cannot be automatically merged",

However, unless there's an actual test fail there's no pointer in the email or pull-request note indicating where to look to understand the problem.  It's not clear what the issue is let alone how to address it.

Is there a place to look which will indicate what caused the problem and emitted the message?

In the past I've had cases where the branch needed to be rebased to current master, but that does not seem to be sufficient with these:



I'm guessing there's something I should have read that I missed.

Any guidance appreciated.

- Mark

Mark Lamourine <markllama redhat com>
Sr. Software Developer, Cloud Engineering
Red Hat, 314 Littleton Road, Westford MA 01886
Voice: +1 978 392 1093
markllama @ irc://irc.freenod.org*lopsa

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