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Re: Selinux setup and subsequent fixits

+++ John Reuning [11/03/13 17:20 -0400]:
In case anyone is interested, here's a change to the selinux config
section of the build your own docs that helped make my scl-ified
broker happy.  This may apply if you're using rhel/centos instead of

   /sbin/fixfiles -R ruby193-rubygem-passenger restore
   /sbin/fixfiles -R ruby193-mod_passenger restore
   /sbin/restorecon -rv /opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/share/gems/gems/passenger-*

I've also noticed that I have to rerun all of the restorecon and
fixfiles commands after almost every package update.  Most recently,
it was "restorecon -rv /cgroup" on the nodes to fix cgred inotify avc
errors.  Is this continual selinux breakage normal?

The cgred AVC is now fixed in the RHEL 6 selinux-policy.  As for the
fixfiles/restorecon changes there is a pending overhaul for the
OpenShift Origin 'build-your-own' document.

Krishna, do you know when the new docs will be published?



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